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Draft California Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan - August 8, 2019 

   - California Fish and Game Commission transmittal letter for Draft California Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan

CDFW Marine Region Year in Review: 2016 2017,  2018 and 2018 Marine Region By the Numbers (PDF)

2018 NOAA West Coast Whale Entanglement Summary and Summary Report in pdf

West Coast Whale Entanglement Reports - NOAA: 201720162015

California Ocean Science Trust Report to the Legislature 2016-2017 (March 12, 2019) and 2014-2016 (August 6, 2018)

2017 Caltrans Fish Passage Report to the Legislature (October 2018)

CalTrans Fish Passage Reports to the Legislature: 2008200920102011201220132014201520162017

Fish Passage Status and the State Highway System  (July 2017)

Progress on Achieving the Fish and Wildlife Strategic Vision Goals - CDFW Report to the Legislature (October 2017)

2017-12-20 Dungeness Crab Task Force Legislative Report

2017 State Regulations to Protect Forage Fish per Fish and Game Code Section 7652

2016 California Steelhead Report and Restoration Card Program: 2007-2014 - Report to the Legislature

California Steelhead Report and Restoration Card Program Reports: 1997200020072015, 

2017 CDFW Aquaculture Report to the Legislature

Master Plan for Marine Protected Areas - Final August 2016

2016 California Legislative Fisheries Forum - CDFW Annual Marine Fisheries Report (2015)



California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Fish and Game Commission


Pacific Fishery Management Council

United States Bureau of Reclamation

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

National Marine Fisheries Service

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission


For information on aquaculture and the Committee's previous aquaculture hearings with related documents and links and hearings

2018 FAO - World Fisheries and Aquaculture report

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Aquaculture

CDFW - Aquaculture Matters

California Aquaculture Association

NOAA Fisheries Office of Aquaculture

Aquaculture in California - Sea Grant

Cal State Universities Joint Center for Aquaculture

Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association Initiatives

California Fisheries and Seafood Institute

Pathways Toward Responsible Aquaculture in California: Moss Landing Marine Lab - August 10-11, 2018 

Humboldt Bay Shellfish Mariculture Business Survey: Assessing economic conditions and impact - November 2018

U.S. Offshore Aquaculture: Will We Fish or Cut Bait? - Proceedings of 2018 COL Industry Forum

Aligning Stakeholder Communications for U.S. Marine Aquaculture - A report on a forum held at the Aquarium of the Pacific October 4 and 5, 2018


For information on Dungeness and rock crab, domoic acid, disaster relief and the Committee's previous crab hearings with related documents and links

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Crab web page 

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) information

Dungeness Crab Task Force

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Whale Safe Fisheries web site

California Whale Entanglements: Dungeness Crab Fishing Gear Working Group

U.S. west coast large whale entanglement information sharing workshop report – Nov. 13-14, 2013

The CA Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project

2014 Crab Gear Retrieval Program Final Report


Klamath River Renewal Corporation

State Water Board Lower Klamath Project Scoping Report webpage

Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team

Record of Decision for the Long-Term Plan to Protect Adult Salmon in the Lower Klamath River Project


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