Older Fun Fish Facts and Articles

Meth addiction in fish poses threat to ecosystem balance, study says

Researchers pull record-breaking 100-year-old white sturgeon from B.C. river

Owens Pupfish Given New Chance

Sharks almost went the way of the dinosaurs 19 million years ago

Reading the Bones: Ancient Chinook Salmon DNA Challenges Modern Assumptions

Baird Station: The First National Fish Hatchery

White crab found off Vancouver Island is never seen in Canada

UW researchers think a fish might be the answer to treating mood disorders, addiction

How do whales defy the odds of getting cancer? The answer is in their genes, new study says

Fangs and tentacles: rarely seen deep sea fish washes up on California beach

Drones show California's great white sharks are closer — and more common — than you think

Fish Sticks Make No Sense - How a weird 1950s finger food made it big

Design cohort overcomes obstacles to build a virtual Dungeness crab

Scientists stumbled onto toothy deep-sea "top predator," and named it after elite sumo wrestlers


Global warming is pushing great white sharks into dangerous new waters off California coast

Animation - Life Cycle of the Pacific Salmon

Exploring the mystery of California’s bioluminescent blooms 

9,000 Eggs, 32 Dams, 4 Ocean Trips, 3-plus Redds & A Seal Bite: 1 Idaho Steelhead’s Story

Sea Grant California: Facts and Resources

Beaked Whale Shatters Record With 3 Hour 42 Minute Dive

How Scientists Learn What Lives in the Deep Ocean

Coronavirus: Half a million sharks 'could be killed for vaccine', experts warn

Nine Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Aquaculture

The incredible tale of a man who formed an unlikely bond with an octopus

Scientists Identify at Least 11 Fish Species That May Be Capable of Walking on Land

Q/A: How studying carcasses gives insight into California salmon populations

They were trying to save a species. Instead, scientists created a fish that's part sturgeon, part paddlefish, all accident

Creature Feature: Bigeye Tuna

12 shark facts that may surprise you

A Symphony of Sharks

Fish Tags Identify Spring-Run Chinook Salmon Broodstock

Age and Growth Homework: Determining How Old Fish Are

Local Fishermen Reel in Monster Squid Off the Humboldt Coast

Scientists Surprised When They Examine Stomach Contents of Great White Sharks and Find Out What They Really Eat

This fantastical sea creature helps remove planet-warming gases from the atmosphere

The Sea’s Weirdest Creatures, Now in ‘Staggering’ Detail

From Giant Jellyfish to a Massive Nautilus: The Most Epic Things Explorer Ofer Ketter Has Seen in His Submarine

Mega pod of more than 1,000 dolphins stampede off Laguna Beach’s coast  

Magnetic pulses alter salmon’s orientation, suggesting they navigate via magnetite in their tissue

Glowing blue waves lighting up SoCal coastline roll into the South Bay 

12 stunning photos of strange neon waves off California’s coast

How Starfish, Snails and Salmon Fight Pandemics

Fun Facts about Sea Life

10+ Ocean Science Educational Resources to Check Out at Home

Educational Salmon Series Inspires Students as Stewards

New species discovered during exploration of abyssal deep sea canyons off Ningaloo

California Grunion Facts and Expected Runs

Scientists seed local seas with imperiled fish. Can giant sea bass make a comeback?

What the History of Salmon Can Tell Us About the Future of the Planet

Mystery Of Malformed Fish In California Solved By Analyzing ‘Ear Rocks’

Why Do Whales Migrate? They Return to the Tropics to Shed their Skin, Scientists Say

African killifish may hold key to stopping ageing in humans

Summer-run steelhead: “top athletes” and “extraordinary” and “inspiring animal

Unloved and unstudied: Learning more about Lamprey

California scientists create bionic jellyfish to explore oceans

California Sea Cucumber Fishery: A Collaborative Project - video

Watch the salmon run in beautiful Butte Creek from a bird's-eye view - video 

Eighteen Things We’ve Learned About the Oceans in the Last Decade

Wet and wild: sea creature stories that went viral in 2019  

Thousands of glowing ‘sea pickles’ wash up on California beaches, marine experts say

Easy prey: The largest bears in the world use small streams to fatten up on salmon

Rare 7-year-old Chinook Salmon Caught in California Ocean Salmon Fishery

10 Wonderful Whale Facts

12 Shark Facts That May Surprise You

Thousands of ‘penis fish’ wash up on Point Reyes beach  

‘Sneaky’ underwater robot spent 18 days recording sea creatures — and noisy humans, too

Fish in California estuaries are evolving as climate change alters their habitat

Abalonia: The Island Nation That Never Was - It was meant to be a seafood paradise. 

Found off the Monterey coast, whale corpse offers an underwater feast on the deep ocean floor 

Deep sea octopus gardens intrigue scientists    

This $46,000 snow crab is the most expensive in the world

New drone, underwater footage of orcas stuns researchers, gives intimate look at killer whales’ family life  

Poisonous porcupine fish arrives on Island shores — a B.C. first

Migaloo Spotted in Hawaii?

Research dive off Marin coast probes ‘unexplored territory’  

How sea anemones feel the pinch of climate change

Mako Shark Tracking off West Coast Reveals “Impressive” Memory and Navigation

‘I was scared’: Most powerful electric eel ever discovered by scientists

‘Now I know why they shoot them’: Texas fisherman lands 8-foot halibut near Kodiak Island 

Here's How to Tell if Salmon is Cooked Perfectly

The Last Presidential Salmon

Monterey Bay: Following the DNA trail in the Pacific Ocean  

Do Salmon Make Decisions as a Group?

These sharks glow bright green in the dark

Jumbo Squid Are Missing From Monterey Bay. Will They Ever Return?

Surge of the sturgeon

Is The Central California Coast A New Haven For White Sharks?

What about the pupfish? How the 7.1 Ridgecrest earthquake impacted a critically endangered species

'Mega pod' of dolphins caught on camera off Southern California

Great White Sharks Filmed Gathering in California's Monterey Bay

Scientists get peek into how some fish change sex as adults

Ocean Bacteria Colonize Your Skin After Just 10 Minutes of Swimming

Lab Pulls Microscopic Details from Southern Resident Killer Whale Samples

The Fish Is Boneless. (Fishless, Too.)

Learning About California Golden Trout and more on Goldern Trout

Biologist from Yurok Tribe discovers new species of lampreys

First Recording of North Pacific Whale Song

Pod of 'very active' killer whales seen for first time ever in Monterey Bay

How Scientists Use the Color of the Ocean to Determine the Impacts of Climate Change

‘It’s pretty rare.’ See drone footage of strange-looking whales in Monterey Bay

Salmon get a major athletic boost via a single enzyme

Stunning drone video shows orcas kicking salmon, chasing birds in Monterey Bay

Pollution-proof fish borrow genes from relatives to survive toxins

Sharks as big as a bus seen off California after 30-year hiatus

Did you know hundreds of sea turtles are now Southern California residents?

Searching for the world's last remaining sawfish

Is Fish Slime an Untapped Resource?

Great white sharks are afraid of orcas, study finds

Unknown Species of Ancient Four-Legged Whale Uncovered in Peru

Dolphins clever enough to use sponges as tools deal with climate change better, study finds

The speedy secrets of mako sharks -- 'cheetahs of the ocean'

San Diego scientists believe they've discovered a new species of killer whales

'Strangest Fish I've Ever Seen': Rare Giant Sunfish Found in California

Great white shark: Its genetic mysteries and how they can help cancer research

Can fish evolve to handle climate change? Scientists tested it on these oddball fish

Sea cucumbers have a secret superpower

These eel-like fish look like horror movie monsters — and they’re back in SLO Creek

Bluefin goes for $3 million at 1st 2019 sale at Tokyo market

The Bizarre and Disturbing Life of Sea Cucumbers

What is THAT? Alien sea creature's mass of tentacles baffles locals after washing up on an Australian beach

Salmon to lose sense of smell as CO2 levels rise

What's going on with Hawaiian seals? Nobody nose

Mass stranding of bright red crabs in Monterey signals return of El Niño

Scientists Unveil Ancient Sea Monsters Found In Angola

A Scientist Found a Kelp on a Worm in a Hole in the Mud on the Bottom of the Sea

OK Google: Find the Humpback Whales

Rare Dumbo octopus filmed in deep sea off Monterey Bay

Bizarre 'Headless Chicken Monster' Drifts Through Antarctic Deep

Who Wants to Eat a Gooey Jellyfish? Pretty Much Everyone in the Ocean

Deepest Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World

Yours for £1.4 million: World's most expensive Koi Carp is bought for £1 million more than previous world record

Great White Sharks Gather in Droves in the Middle of Nowhere, But Why?

Meet the new species of deep-sea fish so gooey it melts when brought to the surface

Grieving mother orca falling behind family as she carries dead calf for a seventh day

Crazy fish attack video cracks up marine researchers

Salmon scales tell researchers a lot about the fish returning to Bristol Bay    

Great whites help scientists understand ocean’s ‘twilight zone’

Woman's 'Fish Pedicure' Tied to Odd Toenail Problem

Clues at Fish Auction Reveal Several New Species of Opah

McDonald’s Came Out With A Card Game Based On The Filet-O-Fish

How Often Should You Be Eating Fish? New guidelines reassert the heart-healthy benefits of seafood

Whale shark tracked travelling furthest distance ever recorded

This Contorted Mystery Squid May Be the 'Most Bizarre' Ever Seen

Virtual Reality Game Brings Feel Of Fantasy Football To Salmon Survival Studies    

Marine fish won an evolutionary lottery 66 million years ago, UCLA biologists report

Listening to Fish: How Sound May Help Us Identify and Study Life Underwater

First images of creatures from Antarctic depths revealed

What a Walking Fish Can Teach Us About Human Evolution

Growing Population of Crayfish Has One Female Ancestor

What's that fish? A new field guide helps scientists identify fish captured in scientific surveys

A champion shucker’s guide to the world’s best oysters (and where to find them)

Krill "deposits" transport atmospheric carbon to the ocean depths

Why Don’t Fish Swim Upside Down?

New model predicts locations of biological hotspots in the ocean

The Spawning Dead: Why Zombie Fish are the Anti-Apocalypse

Mysterious Brain-Eating  Shark Killer Identified, Though Questions Remain

Mysterious sea creature washes up on Alaskan beach leaving scientists baffled

Anchovies Are Eating Plastic Because It Smells Like Prey    

Bizarre, Glowing Sea Creatures Bloom in the Pacific 

Newly Discovered Deep-Sea Sponge Could Be the Canary in the Seabed Mine

Scientists find exotic life in ocean depths off Sonoma Coast

Swimming inside a 'fish tornado'

10 greatest sightings, so far, from NOAA’s exploration of the deepwater Pacific 

The ocean is a strange place after dark

15 Health Benefits of Eating Fish, According to Science

Millions of Glowing Sea Creatures Invade U.S. Pacific Coast

Overturned truck of ‘slime eels’ transforms Oregon road into highway of nightmares

Mammoth catfish caught on Clear Lake could break world record

Jellied sea creatures confound scientists, fishers on US Pacific Coast

These Fish Are All About Sex on the Beach

Where to see spitting fish and deadly frogs in Long Beach

'I never thought I’d see another': 2 white Dungeness crab on display at Oregon aquarium

Red rock crabs: the Dungeness' grouchy cousins

Dive into NOAA Fisheries Whale Week

World's rarest whale seen for the first time

This Deep-Sea Fisherman Has Caught A Treasure Trove Of Underwater Oddities

Watch a Bobcat Catch a Monster Fish

Mysterious ghost shark captured on camera for the first time

These Fish Evolved to Live in Extremely Toxic Water

Two-headed sharks are not only real, they’re becoming more and more common

Yes, fish can get sunburn

The Secret Life of Krill

Stunning discovery: Singing fish in San Francisco

One fish, two fish, what the hell is this blue fish?

'Googly-Eyed' Stubby Squid Captures Internet's Attention

400-year-old shark is the longest-living vertebrate ever

Flounders’ Eyes Face Skyward. How Do They See the Ocean Floor?

UW professor is digitizing every fish species in the world

NOAA Scientists Sight "Ghostly" Fish for First Time

New Camera Tag to Help Solve Great White Mystery

See the Mind-Blowing Super-Freaky Rainbow Fish from the Twilight Zone

Fish can recognize human faces (and we know because they keep spitting at us)

Scientists off Southern California explore why some fish glow

Massive Crab Swarm at Ocean Floor Filmed

Parasite turns Alaska king crab into zombies

Gorgeous Aerial Shots of Some of the World's Largest Salmon Runs

Fish oil turns fat-storage cells into fat-burning cells in mice, study finds

How Fish Communicate, Even Making Noise

How Fish Make Themselves Invisible: Mystery Solved

Evolutionary Adaptation Allows Salmon to Easily Shift Vision from Blue-Green Ocean to Murky Rivers

500 chinook salmon in one hour up Mad River, Humboldt - video

Pacific Fisheries Management Council - acronyms and definitions

Pacific Fisheries Management Council - fact sheets

NMFS Salmon and Steelhead Species boundary maps

Fish Facts – California’s State Fish, Marine Fish and Marine Mammal

Are fish the greatest athletes on the planet?

Unlocking the genetic secrets of whales with a 200-year life span

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