March 12, 2020 47th Annual Zeke Grader Fisheries Forum

Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture

March 12, 2020 - 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

State Capitol, Room 113

Sacramento, CA


Press Releases and Articles:

2020-3-10 Fisheries experts, environmental leaders, to testify on impacts of President Trump's water grab to California’s rivers and fish

Lawmakers Told Trump’s New Water Rules Will Push Salmon Closer To Extinction



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Hearing agenda 



Hearing background summary 

Zeke Grader 2015 Joint Senate-Assembly Resolution

A Tribute to Zeke Grader


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Additional information:


2019 CDFW Marine Region Year in Review

Fisheries of the United States, 2018 - NOAA release, and 2018 full report and fact sheet and infographics

Marine Life Management Act Master Plan: Implementation Work Plan

Secretary of Commerce allocates $65 million for fishery disasters 

Salmon and Federal Water Issues:

Notice of Intent to Litigate - Potential Reclamation Action Following Final Environmental Impact Statement Regarding Reinitiation of Consultation on the Coordinated Long-Tenn Operation of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project and Filed Complaint

Thermalito Afterbay Salmon Restoration Project letter from Senators McGuire, Nielsen, Skinner and Weiner to DWR and DWR response

Retrofitting Thermalito Afterbay on the Feather River - A Key to Restoring California’s Salmon Fishery

METROPOLITAN BAY DELTA COMMITTEE: Update on the voluntary agreements post-Trump and an update on the State Water Project contract amendment for Delta conveyance

Big Problems with Politically Motivated New Federal Water Diversion Rules - GSSA release

Key Environmental and Fishing Concerns with the 2020 Voluntary Agreement Framework

Scientists Raise Red Flags Over the Trump Delta BiOps

California-Nevada Chapter - American Fisheries Society comments on 2019 National Marine Fisheries Service Biological Opinion - Long-term Operation of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project

Commentary: Trump’s attack on California salmon fishing jobs

Trump’s Bay-Delta BiOps Are a Plan for Extinction

Why Is DWR Helping Trump Weaken Bay-Delta Protections?

Fisheries Biologists Present California’s Ocean Salmon Forecast for 2020

CDFW to Host Public Meeting on Ocean Salmon Fisheries

California estimates fewer salmon in Klamath River this year, worrying Yurok Tribe

Klamath River Basin Fall Chinook Salmon Spawner Escapement - Mega Table 1978-2019

PFMC Salmon management documents

Pacific Fishery Management Council Releases Alternatives for 2020 West Coast Ocean Salmon Fisheries

2020 PFMC Salmon Preseason Report Stock Abundance Analysis and Environmental Assessment

PFMC Review of 2019 Ocean Salmon Fisheries

Fishing the North Coast: Fall Klamath king returns fell short in 2019

Whale Entanglement and RAMP regulations:

Large whale entanglements off the U.S. West Coast, from 1982-2017 and Appendix 2

What’s tangling up the humpback whales? A food chain snarled by climate change 

Habitat compression and ecosystem shifts as potential links between marine heatwave and record whale entanglements

“Blob” Research Reveals Environmental Effects That Shut Down Fishing and Hiked Whale Entanglements - NOAA release

West Coast Dungeness Crab Stable or Increasing Even With Intensive Harvest, Research Shows

Draft RAMP regulations

PCFFA Comments re RAMP Regulations

CCCA Comments re RAMP Regulations 

TNC Comments re RAMP Regulations

2020-2-7 Senator McGuire Letter to CDFW Director Bonham re RAMP regs and 2020-2-27 Director Bonham  Response

Fisheries and Offshore Wind Energy:

Outreach Summary Report California Offshore Wind Energy Planning - Sept. 2018

BOEM California Call Areas

Notice of Availability of Outreach on Additional Considerations for Offshore Wind off the Central Coast of California

Deal emerges to bring 1st offshore wind farms to Calif.

West Coast Fisheries Consultants Letter re BOEM Call Areas -2018-0045


Responsible Offshore Development Alliance Background

RODA DEIS Comments on Vineyard Wind LLC’s Proposed Wind Energy Facility

Draft ROSA framework for release

Committee Reports:

2019 Dungeness Crab Task Force Legislative Report

2019-2-22 Sen McGuire to Governor Newsom re urchin disaster request

2019-2-28 CA Sea Urchin Disaster Request from Lt. Gov. 

2019-10-30 California Sea Urchin letter Sec Ross to Gov Newsom 

Secretary of Commerce allocates $65 million for fishery disasters 

The Salmon Stamp Program history 

2020-1-9 CAC Letter to Director Bonham re Sites Reservoir and Attachments

2020-1-9 CAC Letter to Director Bonham re CMP Actions

California Ocean Science Trust Progress Report from October 2017 through September 2019

California Ocean Science Trust 20 years of partnership for California’s ocean 

Committee Address