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California regulator advances historic dam removal project

Poor Klamath River water conditions, deadly parasite, prompts fish hatchery to delay salmon release 

CDFW Successfully Relocates 1.1 Million Hatchery Salmon Until Klamath River Drought Conditions Improve

Western drought leads to major impact on states fish population

One way to save California salmon threatened by drought: Truck them to the mountains and back

Iron Gate Hatchery won't release fish into Klamath River

Monterey Bay fishermen work to reduce chances of whale entanglements

California DFW: 'nearly all' Sacramento River winter chinook salmon juveniles could perish this year

Concerns From Salmon Advocate Group Grow As CDFW Sees Potential ‘Near-Complete Loss Of In-River Juveniles’

Devastating: Officials say ‘nearly all’ young Sacramento River winter Chinook salmon could perish this year

Dire drought warning: California says ‘nearly all’ salmon could die in Sacramento River

SWRCB to Klamath Watershed Residents: Help Maintain Stream Flow this Summer for Threatened and Endangered Fish

How Klamath dam removal helps agriculture

Karuk Tribe calls for water regulations to protect coho salmon

California budget includes final funding for drift gillnet buyout 

Like in 'Postapocalyptic Movies': Heat Wave Killed Marine Wildlife en Masse

From California’s Water Wars to America’s Culture Wars: A Media Analysis of the Delta Smelt Controversy

Additional Relief for the California Fishing Industry: Consolidated Appropriations Act (CARES II) Update

Rescue team races to help entangled humpback whale off Southern California coast  

California prioritizes profits over health of ecosystem. Now, our salmon face extinction

Salmon is an indicator species for California’s water crisis. It’s not looking good 

New fishing limits proposed for Pacific commercial chinook salmon

King me! San Francisco markets welcome first salmon of the season

Will coastal wind farms hurt California fishing industry? ‘We’re basically screwed’

Questions, concerns swirl around fish farm

FERC approves license transfer for Klamath dams in ‘major milestone’ for salmon restoration

FERC Approves License Transfer for Lower Klamath Hydro Project

FERC Approves Transfer Application - Transfer Decision a Major Step toward Dam Removal 

Klamath Trinity spring chinook salmon added to California endangered species list

Final plan for water releases into Sacramento River could kill up to 88% of endangered salmon run’

Yurok Fisheries Department Encounters Major Spike in Dead Juvenile Salmon on the Klamath River

'It's a climate catastrophe': A Northern California river is full of dead salmon

Can we save the San Joaquin’s salmon?

Santa Cruz’s steelhead numbers low in midst of drought, but endangered coho spotted

Public sounds off on Samoa onshore fish farm plans

California’s Salmon Economy And Environment Might Hinge On Trucking Project

California's latest bid to bolster its economy? Releasing 17 million fish into the San Francisco Bay

US "blue economy" contributed nearly USD 400 billion to GDP in 2019

Offshore Wind Farms Show What Biden’s Climate Plan Is Up Against

Low flows prompt restrictions on Scott River

To Free a River: Klamath River tribes are preparing for the biggest dam removal project in the history of the US

Dry Weather Promotes Spread of Disease in Young Klamath Salmon

Scientists saving endangered salmon get help from gene-slicing tool

Complex legal issues swirl in Klamath water debate

The West Can End the Water Wars Now - Klamath River water solution?

Klamath battle lines blur as protests escalate

Marin land trust, shellfish farm preserve 250-acre site  

Ray Hilborn: MPAs aren’t the answer to ocean biodiversity, sustainability efforts

Karuk Tribe declares emergency in Klamath Basin amid catastrophic fish kill

Increased fish kill is a troubling sign

A 'Way of Life at Risk': A Yurok Tribal Member's Congressional Testimony

Conservationists say time running out to save endangered salmon in Sacramento River

California drought enters dangerous territory. What’s ahead for fish, farms and cities

Biden Administration Sees Victory in CA Offshore Wind; Fishermen See Deception

Offshore wind pushes West without fisheries input, stakeholders say 

US West Coast fishermen bristle against newly announced wind farm projects 

Disease Outbreak at Hot Creek Trout Hatchery Halts Fish Planting by Mono County Facility

NOAA Fisheries Releases Key Reports: Status of Stocks 2020 and Fisheries of the United States 2019

Ongoing fish kill on the Klamath River is an ‘absolute worst-case scenario’

‘Ammon Bundy coming soon.’ Federal water cutoffs igniting rebellion in Northern California

Shorter 2021 Recreational Ocean Salmon Seasons Opening in June

Balance pain of drought on farmers and fishermen equitably

Survival of migrating juvenile salmon depends on stream flow thresholds

'The Definition of a Disaster' - Tribes, environmentalists brace for catastrophe on the drought-plagued Klamath

California closing Dungeness season June 1 as humpback whales migrate

CDFW Director Calls For Early Closure to Mediocre Crab Season Statewide due to Presence of Whales

Monterey Bay area affected by shortened crab season  

Northern California crab fleet ordered to end operations by June 1  

CDFW Works With Diverse Stakeholder Group to Manage Entanglement Risk in the Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery - season to close statewide June 1

Lake Shasta is facing its worst season in 44 years. Here’s what that means for those who rely on it

Study: Warm water ‘blob’ put whales on collision course with crab-fishing lines

As water dwindles, catastrophes aplenty for Klamath Basin Tribes, fish, farmers

How a historic drought has left Klamath Basin farmers caught in the middle with no water

Water crisis ‘couldn’t be worse’ on Oregon-California border

Juvenile fish kill, massive disease outbreak puts Klamath salmon on path to extinction

Governor’s California Comeback Plan Includes Significant Increases for Fish and Wildlife 

Fears of a massive salmon die-off this summer in Sacramento River water conflict

Extreme drought conditions force closure of Klamath Project’s “A” Canal - adverse impacts to salmon flows

Salmon Advocates Say Water Injustice Highlighted by Governor's Drought Declaration

Crisis on the Klamath 

Judge rules against Klamath Tribes in lawsuit over sucker fish

2021-5-3 CDFW Letter to SWRCB re Scott River Best Available Scientific Information for Instream Flow Criteria

State ramps up San Francisco Bay hatchery salmon release due to drought

New Web Tool Aims to Reduce Whale Entanglements on the U.S. West Coast

Fish or farmers? Newsom drought declaration would trigger new war over California water

Commercial Dungeness Crab Update 5/3/2021

Fishing limits, choppy weather gets California salmon season off to slow, expensive start

Mt Lassen partners with Aquacraft Brand Portfolio to make push to seafood market 

Nordic pushes forward with onshore farm in Humboldt County

Fish and Wildlife Director Opens Razor Clam Fishery in Del Norte County; Fishery in Humboldt County Remains Closed Due to Public Health Hazard

Ropeless gear bill gets put on hold 

California ropeless gear bill dies without a hearing

Marine experts searching for entangled baby whale spotted on drone video

Hatchery Salmon Releases Scheduled in San Francisco Bay Due to Poor River Conditions

California rivers dry, so baby salmon will be trucked to the Pacific

CDFW Takes Proactive Measures to Increase Salmon Smolt Survival

Trump-era water rules should be reversed

Op-Ed: Newsom promises while the delta dies

We need water in our rivers’: Tribes call for action as salmon numbers dwindle

Severe drought spells catastrophe for California salmon populations

CA Tribal Members and Fishermen Call on Gavin Newsom to Provide Water to Stop Salmon Fish Kills

Klamath water illegally diverted to farming during severe drought

Amid severe drought, Oregon farming region illegally diverts water from the Klamath River

Irrigators take aim at Klamath River flushing flows

Stunning DDT dump site off L.A. coast much bigger than scientists expectedResearch expedition press release and Media briefing 

Monterey Bay Salmon & Trout Project will release 6,000 endangered young coho salmon into wild

‘Everyone Loses’: The Government Is Rationing Water at the California-Oregon Border

Klamath Basin Tribes, conservationists and commercial fishermen call on Biden Administration for extreme drought economic disaster relief

Researchers, robots dive into what makes some bay algal blooms toxic  

Humboldt County Receives Grant to Develop Water Management Plan to Finally Deliver the Trinity River Flow We’re Due

Wildlife Conservation Board grants $574,980 for Trinity River flow plan

Fishermen, Tribes brace for another abysmal salmon season

Yurok Tribe: Klamath River salmon stock conditions dire, fishery canceled for 5th time

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Farm-Raised Salmon?   

Eel River to some, Wiya’t to the tribe that fishes it

Pacific Fishery Management Council sets 2021 West Coast ocean salmon season dates and season description tables

Abalone diving is banned, and work goes on to restore the giant sea snail on California's coast

Tools in the Toolbox Looking for ways to restore and protect the state's beleaguered bull kelp forests and in turn, red abalone stock

Want to support San Diego’s shrinking local commercial fishing industry? Tommy Gomes will show you how

Pacific spiny lobster: After pandemic low-price worries, this season could reach new highs

Scientists grappling with persistent and alarming collapse of North Coast’s bull kelp forests

California crabbers, activists tangle over ropeless gear legislation 

San Mateo County fishermen worried over salmon season

In Hotter Climate, 'Zombie' Urchins Are Winning And Kelp Forests Are Losing

Feds announce allocation of additional $255M in fisheries assistance to states, territories

Large whale entanglements off the U.S. West Coast 1982-2017 - Final 03-19-21 and Appendix 2

Warm water important for cold-water fish like salmon and trout, study finds

West Coast Waters Show Evidence of Improved Productivity in 2020

Stanford economist and others assess aquaculture’s promise and peril

War breaking out between crab fishers and environmentalists over ropeless traps meant to save whales

Preseason Report II:  Proposed Alternatives and  Environmental Assessment Part 2 for 2021 Ocean Salmon Fishery Regulations (Published March 2021)

Commercial Dungeness Crab Update - CDFW

The Yurok Tribe takes decisive action to protect spring salmon

California salmon season delayed and shortened, angering North Bay fishermen

As drought alarms sound, is California prepared?

Feds May Look at Spring-Run Chinook Salmon as Genetically Distinct

Federal funds: Covid relief package has some help for seafood

Dwindling salmon runs shorten this year’s commercial season

Pacific Fishery Management Council releases alternatives for 2021 West Coast ocean salmon fisheries

Recreational Ocean Salmon Fishery Season Curtailed on Much of the California Coast

Bay Area salmon season is expected to be much shorter this year, bringing higher prices

2020 West Coast Whale Entanglement Summary

Critical water year on tap for Klamath Basin

Aquarium Moss Balls Threaten to Spread Invasive Mussels

Invasive mussels in aquarium supplies alarm wildlife managers

Invasive mussels found in pet stores in 21 states (including California)

‘30x30’ will make fisheries management less flexible 

The San Francisco Bay Once Teemed With Oysters. What Happened?

Green-pawed sea otters are saving California’s kelp forests

The collapse of Northern California kelp forests will be hard to reverse

Sustainably Managing California’s Fisheries and Ecosystems During a Pandemic – Marine Region’s 2020 Year in Review and By the Numbers Reports2020 CDFW Marine Region Year in Review

Fight of the River People: The Generational Push That Brought Berkshire Hathaway to the Table and put Dam Removal Back on Track

West Coast Dungeness fishery navigates late start, pandemic

Purple urchin removal program seeks to prove efficacy of culling

OSU researcher leads NOAA-funded project to study West Coast response to ocean acidification                

Preseason Report I:  Stock Abundance Analysis and Environmental Assessment Part 1 for 2021 Ocean Salmon Fishery Regulations (Published March 2021)

Fisheries Biologists Present California's Ocean Salmon Forecast for 2021

Annual CDFW Salmon meeting agenda and information

Genetic markers show Pacific albacore intermingle across equator but remain separate stocks

Private trout farm works with Service, others for conservation

PFMC Review of 2020 Ocean Salmon Fisheries - published February 2021

Researchers demonstrate new method to track genetic diversity of salmon, trout

Herring Fishermen Sue Chevron Over California Oil Leak

Humboldt County crabbers opposed to ropeless gear bill 

Ropeless gear bill introduced in California statehouse

This Year’s Dungeness Crab Fishery a Shell of its Former Self

Innovative fishing gear is being tested to reduce impact on whales and sea turtles 

Wind turbines could be coming to California’s coast

Spiny lobster comes back to San Diego

US West Coast salmon fishermen recorded lackluster 2020 seasons

California water users petition to end proposed Klamath River dam demolition

How’s the Dungeness crab season playing out this year? Word on the dock is grim

CDFW to Host Virtual Public Meeting on Ocean Salmon Fisheries

Marin County endangered salmon runs concern surveyors

Salmon dwindling while SFPUC fiddling

How different genetically are fall-run and spring-run chinook salmon?

Fishful Future envisions a zero-waste supply chain for San Diego 

As Warming Oceans Bring Tough Times to California Crab Fishers, Scientists Say Diversifying is key to survival 

CDFW Seeks Input on 2021 Recreational Pacific Halibut Season Dates

Something was killing baby salmon. Scientists traced it to a food-web mystery 

What will Iron Gate, Copco, JC Boyle reservoirs look like after dam removal? KRRC says it will be beautiful

California’s fish population rebounds thanks to strict fishing rules

Paul Doremus takes over as acting head of NOAA Fisheries after Chris Oliver departs

Five Days Into Dungeness Season, Crescent City Fishermen Continue To Pull Up Empty Crab Pots

Coho return to Noyo tributaries as salmon habitat restoration proceeds

Many Californians Took to the Woods and Waters in 2020

West Coast Gray Whales Declined During Unusual Mortality Event, Similar to Past Fluctuations in Numbers

New Salmon Habitat Created Along the Sacramento River Near Anderson

New Jones Act measure will clarify rules for building offshore wind power

Disappointing Catch Marks Start of Long-Delayed Commercial Dungeness Crab Season

NMFS reports fishing revenue crashed 29 percent in pandemic

U.S. Fishing and Seafood Industries Saw Broad Declines Last Summer Due to COVID-19

Another hurdle cleared, Klamath dams closer to coming down

Crab coming after price settlement         

Endangered Coho Salmon Released into Pescadero Creek

Taylor Shellfish recovery fueled by Asian markets, online sales

'The crabs are really full of meat': SF's crab season opens with promise, says association head

Ocean Acidification is Transforming California Mussel Shells

Aquaculture in California - California Sea Grant

Dungeness crab season can finally get started; fleets, wholesalers agree on price

California commercial crab price strike ends

Dungeness Crab Season to Start This Week, After Fishermen and Seafood Processors Settle Price Negotiations

California Crab Fishermen Reduce Asking Price To $3.10; Representative for Processors Says COVID-19 Effects On Dungeness Market Continue

Delayed Dungeness Crab Season 20/21 ‘Might Be a Write-Off’

Commercial Dungeness crab fishermen reject another offer from processor

Price strike drags on for California crab fleet holding out for better price

Commercial fishing stakeholders optimistic about Biden's pick for Commerce secretary

Biden picks Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo to serve as Commerce secretary

CC Harbor, Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery Explores Potential Chinook Rearing Project Using Net Pens At Port

Trump signs young fishermen's development bill into law

California crabbers hold out over price, organize smooth start to season

Dungeness Crab Fishing Industry Response to Climate Shock

California sues five seafood companies for selling fish containing lead, cadmium without warnings

COVID relief bill includes second round of fishery relief funds

Port of San Diego and California State Coastal Conservancy collaborate to create a native oyster living shoreline

Trump vetoes driftnet bill; Feinstein plans to refile

Studies and Reports

Scientific Guidance for Evaluating California’s Marine Protected Area Network

Climate Resilience and California’s Marine Protected Area Network

Nonlinear survival of imperiled fish informs managed flows in a highly modified river

Large-scale shift in the structure of a kelp forest ecosystem co-occurs with an epizootic and marine heatwave

Climate shock effects and mediation in fisheries

Indirect genetic control of migration in a salmonid fish 

Identifying management actions that promote sustainable fisheries

Committee Address