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Latest CDPH domoic acid testing results for Dungeness and rock crab 12-9-2019 and lobster 9-12-2019 

Tri-State Dec. 16-17 crab quality/meat recovery test results

CDFW Crab information web page

CDFW Whale Safe Fisheries web page - 2018 West Coast Whale Entanglement Summary and Summary Report in pdf


Kelp! They Need Somebody … To Eat Sea Urchins

Dungeness crab seasons to open all over US Northwest on New Year’s Eve

Central Valley Salmon Hatchery Release Strategies 2019 - Some Good, Some Bad – Some Lessons Not Learned

Good Numbers of Salmon and Steelhead Return Again to Mokelumne River

Halibut in steady decline throughout Pacific, says commission

Labeling concerns arise as plant-based seafood analog market soars 

Hallelujah!! Dungie Season is Starting Tomorrow and You May Soon be Able to Fill Your Bellies with Locally Caught Crab

Dungeness crabbing season finally open

Dungeness crab delivered to Sonoma County ahead of New Year’s Eve

Crab fishermen hope new season won’t have same roadblocks

Lab-grown fish just got real. San Diego startup shows off first slaughter-free yellowtail     

Northern Commercial Dungeness Crab Season Will Open Dec. 31

2019-2020 Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery - Frequently Asked Questions

Dungeness crab seasons to open all over US Northwest on New Year’s Eve

Column: A California dilemma: Save the whales or eat the crabs?   

Crab season gets crackin’ for Sonoma

Fishing fight on the Klamath  

Young salmon get a new home near Sacramento River

Rare 7-year-old Chinook Salmon Caught in California Ocean Salmon Fishery

Putah Creek salmon numbers way down after Yolo Bypass pump failure

Mokelumne River salmon come back in big numbers

UW/NOAA Study Indicates Resident Orcas’ Preference For Large Chinook A Reason For Decline Of The Bigger Fish

Rep. Huffman, Pacific Coast Members Announce Major Win for Trawlers in Year-End Spending Bill

Entangled Whale Freed As Commercial Crab Fishing Season Gets Underway    

Rescuers free entangled humpback whale off Monterey coast

Restoration of a San Mateo County Creek Reopens a Gateway for Endangered Salmon

What's Behind the Decline of the West Coast's Herring? 

Major push to save Muir Woods salmon run includes creek, habitat work

Dungeness season underway for Bay Area crabbers

Commercial Dungeness crab season gets cracking after delay

Dungeness crab fleet readies for opener as weather hampers season start for some

Crab season set to finally open Sunday

Another delay for California, Oregon commercial crabbing

Waiting Game - Gear ready, the North Coast's commercial crab fleet is on hold

Dungeness Crab Fishery Updates: Pending Commercial Opening in Central Fishery, Health Advisory Update to Recreational Fishery, and Additional Northern Commercial Quality Delay

2019-12-10 Senator McGuire issues statement on Dungeness crab season opener

Trinity River Under Siege

Endangered Winter-run Chinook Salmon Increase with Millions of Offspring Headed to Sea

California Urged to Rethink 40 Years of ‘Piecemeal’ Freshwater Protections

Securing SoCal Water to Benefit NorCal Salmon

Salmon Lose Diversity in Managed Rivers, Reducing Resilience to Environmental Change

The secret Richmond lab where Bay Area crab season annually learns its fate

What Happened to Commercial Crab Season?

Sea urchin ranching to be expanded to semi-commercial scale

New Crab Pot Could Help Reduce Whale Entanglements

CDFW Director Delays Commercial Dungeness Crab Season South of Sonoma/Mendocino County Line

Dungeness Crab Health Advisory Lifted in Parts of Marin County

Commercial Dungeness crab season officially delayed until Dec. 15

Official start of crab season delayed due to marine life entanglement risk

Bodega Bay crabbers delay Friday opener to avoid whales   

California agrees with crabbers to postpone Dungeness season in bid to safeguard whales and fishing fleet

Commercial Dungeness crab season likely to be delayed until Dec. 15

Dungeness Crab Commercial Season Update (Mendocino/Sonoma county line south) - Delayed until at least Dec. 15, 2019

Bodega Bay crab fleet to sit out Dungeness opener to avoid whales, urging other ports to do same

Crab season’s delay causing instability

Fishy Fortune Teller: Improving Salmon Abundance Forecasting

Bottom-trawling fishing severely restricted off West Coast starting in January

Rebound in Groundfish Leads to New Flexibility for Fishermen, Protection for Deep-Sea Corals

CDFW Announces Quality Delay for Commercial Dungeness Crab in Northern Fishery, and Important Updates to Pending Opening in Central Fishery

2019-2020 Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery - Frequently Asked Questions

Court tosses farmers' takings claim in Klamath battle

Nordic Aquafarms to pursue permits

Can the long-lost abalone make a comeback in California?

Feather River Fish Hatchery meets salmon harvest goal; 12 million chinook eggs collected

Lab-raised white abalone to be released to secret location by team from Long Beach aquarium

Urchin rancher secures California site, plans harvest by 2020

Marine Heatwave in the Pacific Shrinks from “Blob” in Size, Retreats Farther Offshore

Fish 2.0’s Global Innovators Forum honors cutting-edge developments, from robotic fish to barley-based feed 

Saving Salmon - Will overhauling Scott Dam save native fish?

A new solution to California’s sea urchin problem: Ranch them and eat them

Restoring a San Mateo County creek to keep new generations of fish thriving

Trump Administration Plan Allows Delta Water Managers to Kill Off Winter-Run Chinook Salmon

Dungeness crab fishing season delayed due to whale and sea turtle entanglement risk  

Dungeness fleet thankful for Nov. 22 start

CDFW Director Issues Declaration to Delay Commercial Dungeness Crab Season South of Mendocino/Sonoma County Line

Shellfish Safety Notification: Consumers Warned not to eat the Viscera of Dungeness Crab - CDPH notice

CDFW Director Issues Preliminary Determination to Delay Commercial Dungeness Crab Season South of Mendocino/Sonoma County Line

Sport Crab Season Starts Saturday; Commercial Season Delayed

Dungeness commercial crab season likely to be delayed over risks to whales

California commercial Dungeness crab season may be delayed

California Recreational Dungeness Crab Season Opens Nov. 2

Warning accompanies opening of recreational crab season         

California preliminarily delays opening of Dungeness crab season by eight days

California Crab Season Delayed to Nov. 23 to Protect Whales From Entanglement - CBD release

Nordic Aquafarms’ board gives green light for California RAS project

Board gives Nordic Aquafarms the OK for facility on Samoa peninsula

Will Humboldt Bay get a fish farm? Executives to announce on Friday  

Agencies dismiss concerns about Trump's Calif. water plan

Scripps Institution of Oceanography gets $4.9M grant to find cause of deadly algae blooms     

Coleman National Fish Hatchery gets closer to wrapping up salmon spawning operations

Drones, Algae and Fish Ears: What We’re Learning Before the World’s Largest Dam-removal Project — and What We Could Miss

Whale stranded off Samoa Beach entangled in fishing lines, buoys 

Climate havoc wipes out coastal kelp as S.F. Bay’s native fish species die off

The California Current Marine Heatwave Tracker – An experimental tool for tracking marine heatwaves

Notorious warm water 'Blob' in Pacific weakening, but will that save fish and ecosystems?

Trump team weakens endangered species protections for California salmon and delta smelt

A new approach for managing California’s water and improving the environment

Nature up close: The pros and cons of introducing non-native fish species

Steelhead Legal Battle Expands to Santa Maria

Yurok Tribe’s Connection to Klamath River Weakens as Ecosystem Declines

Marin salmon run expected to dwindle this year  

Purple sea urchins plague California, Oregon coasts 

Massive California Kelp Decline Linked to Ocean Heat, Voracious Sea Urchins

California's crashing kelp forest

Environmental Disaster Continues to Decimate Bull Kelp Forests and Red Abalone Populations in Northern California

Sonoma-Mendocino Bull Kelp Recovery Plan

Scientists and sport fishers team up to gather data on fisheries

Huffman files bill to protect, bolster salmon rivers

Sides battle over Monterey Bay’s anchovy population 

Huffman Gets Bleak Input on Fisheries 

Sea Grant research to inform the future of sustainable marine aquaculture

Chinook Salmon Flocking to Revitalized San Joaquin River

Part 1: West Coast Fisheries "Comeback of the Century"

Part 2: Devastating Collapse Forces More Sustainable Future

Part 3: Rebuilding the Markets to Match the Fisheries

The Fall and Rise of the West Coast Groundfish Fishery

Ninth Circuit Orders Feds to Reexamine Army Corps’ Harm to Native Fish     

AquaBounty planning to label GM salmon in the US 

Acting Governor Atkins (And First Dog Joey) Announce Plans - officially proclaiming Tuna Harbor Dockside Market Day

Upcoming Regulation Changes for Commercial Dungeness Crab and Other Trap Fisheries - CDFW

Reducing the Risk of Marine Life Entanglement - CDFW

Surveys Document How Marine Heatwave – The Blob—Led To Boom In West Coast Rockfish

Urchin Matters

A Push To Protect Oregon Spring Chinook Salmon Gets A Boost From Genetic Science

CHASING A MEMORY In California, orcas and salmon have become so scarce people have forgotten what once was. Will the Northwest be next?

Looking Back at The Blob: Record Warming Drives Unprecedented Ocean Change

The oceans are taking a beating under climate change, U.N. report warns

A look at the Klamath River and those who depend on it

Scientists assess waters off San Francisco and fear a climatic intruder

Tribe Gives Personhood To Klamath River

Fishery disaster declared for Mendocino Coast red sea urchin divers, processors

Wilbur Ross approves fishery disaster declarations (CA red sea urchin/Pacific sardine/Yurok Tribe fall Chinook) as key senator calls for changes to process

Congressman Jared Huffman to Host a Roundtable Discussion on Fisheries Management in Arcata Next Week 

CDFW Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery Updates

2019-9-17 Governor Newsom Appointments - Senator Mike McGuire reappointment to the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Tire Melt in Salmon Stream?

A rare, threatened trout species makes return to native habitat after nearly 100 years

Trump administration threatens jail time for California officials over river project

Cowcod Stock South of 40° 10 ’ N lat. Successfully Rebuilt

Scientists tracking warm water reminiscent of the “Blob” in Northeast Pacific and impacts from climate change

Ōra King salmon likened in luxury to Wagyu beef in recent Bloomberg report 

Whale entanglements reduced by half this season, but reason why is debated

Move Over Fake Meat, It’s Time for Veggie Seafood

Review of The Pacific Warm Blob Sequel: Not Yet a Phenomena like the Original

Saving California's Kelp Forest May Depend On Eating Purple Sea Urchins

Three new viruses found infecting wild, farmed salmon in British Columbia

On seafloor, sea urchins trump abalone

Heat wave across expanse of Pacific Ocean surface stokes concerns for sea life

The ‘Blob’ is back: New marine heat wave emerges off West Coast

Conservation group claims early end to crab season helped reduce whale entanglements off California shores

California crab fishermen are testing “ropeless” gear to save whales—and themselves

West Coast Whale Entanglements Drop After Legal Settlement with California, Crab Fishery - CBD release

New viruses discovered in endangered wild Pacific salmon populations

Groups Work to Restore Fish Populations, California Farm Bureau Federation Reports

Following the salmon to central California         

Despite Strong Harvest To The South, Commercial Salmon Season Slow In Calif. Klamath Management Zone

Mike McGuire appointed to fisheries commission by California governor

Seaweed 'forests' can help fight climate change

Seaweed farming as a versatile tool in effort to mitigate climate change

Beaver reintroduction key to solving freshwater biodiversity crisis

Salmon predation in the Delta - Study results suggest removing predators won’t address the problem, but removing submerged aquatic vegetation might

Colder waters off West Coast mark end of “the blob”

Final 2018 California Commercial Landings Reports Now Available - Reports

Off the hook: California king salmon rebounds after drought

California sails toward biggest salmon harvest in years

California's disappearing sea snails carry a grim climate warning

The crash of the kelp forest         

An Alaskan Voyage to Track Ocean Acidification

Oregon Study Shows How Increasing Abundance Of ESA-Listed Salmon Can Translate Into A Dollar Value, Deliver Economic Benefits

New maps show how little is left of West Coast estuaries

California sound system tries to keep whales and ships apart

Cost, timeline for removing Klamath River dams updated

Do Salmon Make Decisions as a Group?

CDFW 2018 Marine Region Year in Review (PDF) and 2018 Marine Region By the Numbers (PDF)

Tomales Bay cleanup permit approved by state regulators

UC Davis study shows effects of climate change on oyster farming  

Oysters in peril as warming climate alters the water in their habitats

Study: Tomales Bay oyster habitat pinched by climate change  

Climate Change Could Shrink Oyster Habitat in California

Research cruise off California finds it’s a slow summer for biological productivity

‘Protection for the entire river’: Yurok, fishermen sue to save Klamath salmon  

KRRC submits response to Klamath dam removal questions

2018 NOAA Report to Congress on the Status of U.S. Fisheries info and  Status of Stocks 2018 report (PDF, 12 pages).

A Deep Dive into the San Diego Fishing Industry

At a California oyster hatchery, farming native seaweed improved water quality

NOAA Using Futuristic Sailing Drones to Study Fish Populations Along the North Coast

North Coast crabbers among those expected to get $26 million in federal disaster aid

California coasts recovering, but more marine heatwaves like ‘The Blob’ expected 

California’s Disappearing Kelp Forests: What Scientists and Divers can do to Reverse this Trend

Coleman Hatchery expresses optimism for future fish returns

Some Pacific salmon populations are especially at risk from climate change

Hyde-Smith proposes permanent disaster relief fund for fishing industry

Departmental Rulemaking: Standardized Commercial Trap Marking Program

New Yolo Bypass Fish Passage Project Approved: Migration Corridor to Protect Endangered Fish

The Legacy of the Blob

US groundfish fishery returning to its former glory, stakeholders say

Trump Administration Agrees to Revisit Ocean Salmon Fishing Impact on Endangered West Coast Orcas

Morro Bay lost 90% of its eelgrass. Here’s how scientists are trying to save the key plant

First Reintroduced Salmon Return to California Rivers in a Critical Step Towards Recovery

North Coast mussel die-off an alarming sign of warming world’s threat to marine life

California company nurtures interest in seaweed aquaculture

Combating urchin barrens with aquaculture

The Sounds of Science: Acoustic tags reveal Dungeness crab range – and some interesting visitors

Humboldt Baykeeper gets $40K to test more North Coast fish for mercury

Why are so many whales washing up on West Coast beaches?

2018 West Coast Whale Entanglement Summary and Summary Report in pdf

46 whales were confirmed entangled in 2018, trending up from the year before

To Save the Whales, Crab Fishers Are Testing Ropeless Gear

New study maps how ocean currents connect the world’s fisheries

Oceana takes NOAA Fisheries to court again over northern California anchovy fishery

FAIRR report IDs 10 biggest threats to aquaculture sector

Ventura Harbor dock replacement brings commercial fishing, jettisons recreational boats

As the oceans acidify, these oyster farmers are fighting back

California Is Overflowing With Salmon, Boosting Coastal Towns

California fishermen report the biggest salmon season in a decade

Restaurants could be 1st to get genetically modified salmon

Rice fields provide protected habitat for young salmon

CDFW Documents Statewide Impact of Recent Drought on Fish and Aquatic Species

CDFW to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Dungeness Crab Trap Gear Retrieval Program

West Coast swordfish landings hit slight dip in 2018 

Why Everybody Is So Excited About 23 Salmon

NOAA Fisheries Adopts New Plan for West Coast Ecosystem Science and Management

Summer steelhead considered for protection under state Endangered Species Act

Annual Trout Fest to Make a Splash at Hot Creek Hatchery

A Fight Between Humboldt Stakeholders Over the Klamath Dams is Impacting Environmental Protections Across the Country

To save Klamath River salmon, shut down the hatcheries

West Coast Rockfish Rebound Faster Than Expected 

California Salmon Economics – The 2016 Season

North State Trout Stocking Schedule Changed to Reduce Potential Impacts to Cascades Frog

Hatchery-Born Coho Salmon Are Helping Save the Species From Extinction in the Russian River

California Wetfish Producers Association Recognizes Ocean Week With Video on the Latest in Sardine, Anchovy Science

Commercial salmon season starts in Crescent City

Environmental groups file federal suit to stop California longline fishery 

Keep eating fish; it’s the best way to feed the world

Heads up, salmon lovers: Epic catch brings tons of fresh fish to the Central Coast

State killed thousands of salmon, anglers report. Now the Trump administration wants answers.

Feature: Dungie deal   

Killers and kings: West Coast group intervenes in orca lawsuit

Commercial Rock Crab Fishery Opens from Cape Mendocino to Humboldt Bay

2019 Gray Whale Unusual Mortality Event Along the West Coast - NOAA

Dozens of West Coast gray whale deaths prompt federal investigation

Lawsuit Launched to Protect Endangered California Salmon Harmed by Federal Beaver-killing

Crab checks: Dungeness disaster funds deadline is July 31   

180,000 salmon get a head start on their voyage to the ocean as scientists hope to improve survival 

Ships coming to Bay Area slowing down to avoid hitting, killing whales

After 25 years winter-run salmon return to Battle Creek

Fed up shrimpers may look to state for oversight

Inland Salmon Seasons Approved at Fish and Game Commission Meeting

After Klamath River flushes, C. shasta spores spike, surprising scientists 

CA Water Commission: Feather River Fish Hatchery     

West Coast rockfish population rebuild project a success, NOAA says 

King salmon arrives in stores, commanding royal prices; relief could come soon

US producer Sterling Caviar differentiating itself from Chinese competition

New Research Reveals Clearer Picture of Upwelling That Feeds West Coast Marine Ecosystem

Gray whales starving, washing up dead in startling numbers along SF coast

Sustainable Superstar Seafood 

Great Start to the Recreational Pacific Halibut Fishery

Dungeness relief payouts imminent

‘We’re the bad guy’: inside the shocking new film about wild fish

Seafood Without The Sea: Will Lab-Grown Fish Hook Consumers?

Feather River Smolt Release to Help Biologists Study Salmon Life Cycle

Four years after California’s largest dam removal project, how are the fish doing?

Recreational Ocean Salmon Seasons Opening in May

Oysters to defend San Francisco Bay from sea level rise? Marin research shows promising results

Scientists celebrating breakthrough in race to save endangered white abalone at UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab

Using Genetics to Inform Conservation: Spring-Run Chinook Salmon in the Klamath-Trinity River Basin

River restoration report cites conflicts

Federal aid finally on the way to Northern California for 2015 Dungeness crab disaster

‘Desperately needed’: Congress OKs more than $29 million in disaster relief for fisheries  

June 1 delivery date set for fisheries disaster dollars

A Big First: Spring-run Chinook Return!

Dead fish wash up near $6.3 million passageway designed to protect them. Why didn’t it work?

Limited spring chinook season

Coast Guard Fixing Up Buoys at the Dangerous, Shoaled-Up Entrance to Humboldt Bay

Wading into stream restoration: A conversation with the State Water Board-appointed Stream Scientists

Why are gray whales dying in the San Francisco Bay?

Ichthus Unlimited building closed-cycle bluefin tuna operation in California and Mexico

Work to continue on second half of Dry Creek restoration

Trump administration opts not to pursue appeal of driftnet ruling

Feds Eye Protection for Northern California (Steelhead) Trout

Harbor prepares for potential squid fishery

Explaining California’s sudden humpback entanglement surge

Mother, calf among gray whales believed killed by ship strikes

California Considers Sport Crab Fishery for Action Relating to Whale Entanglement

2019 Ocean Salmon Seasons Finalized for the California Coast

Reclaiming the lost population

Many California Crabbers Switching to Chinook Trolling as Salmon Seasons Are Set

Why Are So Many Gray Whales Washing Up Dead on California's Coast?

Rebounding Populations and New Flexibility Boost Catches by West Coast Groundfish Fleet

Lost sea creatures wash up on California shores as ocean climate shifts

Best salmon return since 2014 leads to longer season for North Coast fishery

Pacific Council Finalizes Generally Improved Salmon Seasons for 2019

California salmon season nears, with hopes of a longer season and lower prices

The Pacific Fishery Management Council has adopted ocean salmon season recommendation

Open Forum: California’s whale protections must also protect crab fishing industry

Whale entanglement settlement abruptly ends Dungeness crab season

Officials: No Sardine Fishing Off California This Year Due to Steep Population Decline

Commercial Crabbing Season Officially Closed; Crabbers Say the Repercussions Will Be Devastating for Local Families

The Eel River Forum Took a Detailed Look at Pikeminnow at Their March Meeting

Fishermen Reeling After Lawsuit Brings Early Closure to Crab Season

Hatchery will free thousands of tiny salmon in survival experiment

Whale entanglements not a Humboldt County problem, crabbers say

Crabbers Congregate; Bass and Wilson Pursue Coastal Commission Seat

Crab season ends early after settlement

Reclamation begins flood control operations on Upper Klamath Lake

Socioeconomic impacts of harmful algal blooms

Hitting us where it hurts: The untold story of harmful algal blooms

Harmful algal blooms and wild-caught seafood in California

Humboldt Bay’s Burke-o-Lator brings insight for the future of ocean acidification monitoring and aquaculture

Study questions sustainability of plant-based aquafeed

After 2 bad years the outlook for Recreational Salmon Season is bright

Battle Creek Hatchery releases thousands of endangered chinook salmon into Sacramento River

Groups sue to restrict salmon fishing, help Northwest orcas

Hordes of fish killed in Berkeley by firefighting water, foam

Crab season halted to save whales & turtles

Crab Season Cut Short To Protect Whales    

Crab Fishing Season Ends Early in California to Protect Whales and Sea Turtles

Commercial Dungeness Crab Season to Close Statewide April 15 - DFW release

Soaking rains a boost for salmon

Snafu results in death of 390,000 hatchery-raised salmon

U.S. Department of Commerce Allocates $20 Million in Fishery Disaster Funding

Entanglement Settlement Protects Whales, Sea Turtles and California’s Crab Fishery

Harbor responds to whale entanglement settlement

Crabbers brace for settlement impacts

Crab season to be cut short as part of settlement over whale entanglements

Shorter season imposed on California’s Dungeness crab fleet to safeguard whales

California Dungeness Crab Industry to stop fishing 3 months early in legal settlement to slow whale, turtle entanglements

Shorter season imposed on California’s Dungeness crab fleet to safeguard whales

California Dungeness crab industry to stop fishing 3 months early  

California’s Dungeness crab season to end early after settlement over whale entanglements

Dungeness drag: Fleet agrees to shutter early   

California crab fisheries to close early to protect whales

California commercial crabbers to end season early in settlement over whale deaths

Crab season to be cut short in California to protect whales and turtles

Entanglement settlement ends crab season early

California Crab Fisheries Will Be Closed Early To Protect Whales

Entanglement Settlement Protects Whales, Sea Turtles, California’s Crab Fishery - CBD release

California mussel, oyster farm gets required coastal permit 29 years late

San Pedro Fishermen Help Add to Sardine Stock Assessments

Pacific sardines likely to face another shuttered season

Restrictions on overfished sardines in Monterey Bay create financial hardships for fishermen

Dramatic sardine population decline means likely West Coast fishing ban

A California battle over swordfish — and gill nets

Who’s to blame for the neurotoxin that’s poisoning the Pacific?

Will salmon and steelhead once again spawn on the Mokelumne above Pardee?

Dam removal report sparks hope for Klamath Basin Ag

Long-sought creek restoration in Pescadero takes major step

West Coast Waters Grow More Productive with Shift Toward Cooler Conditions

Pacific Fishery Management Council Releases Alternatives for 2019 West Coast Ocean Salmon Fisheries

Faux Fish Might Help Aquaculture Keep Feeding the World

Tropical jellyfish, eels and sea butterflies are pouring into California’s coast, thanks to a ‘warm-water blob’

Mokelumne River Hatchery, A salmon success story

PG&E Orphaned the Potter Valley Project: What’s Happened & What Comes Next?

Feds could restrict Pacific Ocean fishing over endangered orcas, NOAA letter says

Considering Ocean Acidification Impacts In California Fisheries - Summary Of a Science and Management Workshop

Oyster-farming project in Humboldt Bay could threaten birds, conservationists say

National report identifies regulatory barriers to expanding shellfish aquaculture

2019 NOAA Sea Grant National Aquaculture Funding Opportunities 

NOAA’s Aquaculture Science Impresses Panel with Quality, Results

Salmon season forecast shows ‘slightly improved’ prospects

‘Slightly Improved’ Forecast for California’s 2019 Ocean Salmon Season

Fishermen cautiously optimistic for strong salmon season

International voyage aims to unravel mysteries of Pacific salmon survival

Climate change is depleting our essential fisheries

Review of 2018 Ocean Salmon Fisheries

Farming water

California could be held liable for whale entanglements

Aquaculture in California - Sea Grant

Emergency closure of spring salmon season proposed         

Ocean acidification could mean bad news for Dungeness crab

Marin shellfish farms adapt to tighter state rules

Nordic Aquafarms chief: Humboldt County can play key role

Let’s Take a Closer Look at This Big Fish Farm Proposal for the Samoa Peninsula

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Lost or Abandoned Dungeness Crab Trap Gear Retrieval Program

Hog Island Heaven

West Coast Trawlers see Highest Groundfish Landings Since 2000 with Rockfish Resurgence

Dungeness crab come to Crescent City Harbor

Dr. Michael Graham in demand as land-based seaweed farmer  

Urchinomics brings ‘pest’ urchins to retail at $70/kg

Risks of Nordic Aquafarms plan remain unknown - opinion

California town is ‘Eureka’ moment for Nordic Aquafarms, but resistance expected

Humboldt Bay harbor district eyes fish farm

Nordic Aquafarms announces plans for RAS facility in California

Commission recommends CESA listing for spring-run chinook

Commission Accepts Listing Petition; Requires Closure of Some Recreational Fishing in Klamath Basin

California Adds Protections for Klamath Spring Salmon

Crab season sees ‘sharp dropoff,’ fishermen say

Calif. clinches new regs just in time for federal rollback

DWR Gets Fish Friendly with Retooled Infrastructure in Yolo Bypass

Tracking the trout: East Bay biologists, volunteers give spawning fish a leg up 

Big surge in Coho salmon population, but the endangered species still needs protection

CDFW Seeks Input on 2019 Recreational Pacific Halibut Season Dates

Catalina Sea Ranch’s Cruver ‘chomping at the bit’ to expand mussel farm on federal waters

California has a weird new desert. It’s in the Pacific Ocean.

Historic Sea Star Die-Off Tied To Global Warming

Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program Town Hall Report Now Available

The battle over anchovy  

California wildlife agency denied in bid to delay lawsuit over whale, sea turtle entanglements

Court Denies California's Attempt to Delay Whale, Sea Turtle Entanglement Case

Oregon crab season info:

Grillseekers swarm Sausalito for herring festival

How to catch San Francisco Bay herring and what to do with it

There will be no commercial herring catch in SF Bay this year

Conviction in Great White Shark Shooting

First crab hauls brought ashore

Oregon biologists killing California sea lions to protect threatened salmon

Dam removal group speaks to Harbor Board about sediment concerns

Survey on US seafood consumption contains surprises

Report: Oyster industry impact worth about $20 million

New research is rewriting the history of Klamath-Trinity Chinook Salmon

Crab fleet gearing up for season

Domoic acid no longer a threat, opening of waters north of Patrick’s Point to crabbing

Offshore Wind, Commercial Fishing Industries Partnering Up In Unusual Collaboration

Recreational and Commercial Dungeness Crab Fisheries to Open in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties

Storm brings flooding, outages, delays to crab fleet

California opens more coastline to crab fishing, but don’t count on a big haul yet

A California Chef Learns to Swim in Changed Waters

Lagunitas Creek observers see robust coho salmon run

Endangered coho returning to North Bay to spawn in streams, with mixed results

A primer on the behavior of juvenile salmon in the Delta

Harbor may see influx of transient crabbing vessels with season set to begin

Toxin further delays crab season

Pacific Fishery Management Council now accepting public comment on draft Salmon Rebuilding Plans for two Chinook stocks

New salmon-counting technique treats Alaska stream like a crime scene

Abalone season halted until 2021 as storm swells toss mollusks on shore

‘Challenging ocean conditions’ worry commercial crabbers as delays extend longer into season

Coho salmon recovery programs seek help from local landowners

Northern Commercial Dungeness Crab Season Further Delayed in Ocean Waters North of Patrick’s Point, Humboldt County due to Public Health Hazard

Pots dropped: Oregon Dungeness season is in full swing

Whale entanglements on the West Coast rise again in 2018, is this the new normal? 

Lagunitas Creek monitors expect busy coho run

Can sustainably caught swordfish make waves on the Central Coast?

(CA) Crab season delayed to Jan. 15

Oregon commercial crab fishery to open Jan. 4 north of Cape Arago - Industry notice

Washington Dungeness crab industry notice - Season Opening from Cape Arago, Oregon to Klipsan Beach, Washington

Studies and Reports

A Path Forward for California’s Freshwater Ecosystems

Ecological thresholds in forecast performance for key United States West Coast Chinook salmon stocks

Marine heat wave and multiple stressors tip bull kelp forest to sea urchin barrens

Endangered wild salmon infected by newly discovered viruses

Managing hydropower dam releases for water users and imperiled fishes with contrasting thermal habitat requirements

The non-market benefits of early and partial gains in managing threatened salmon

Insights into estuary habitat loss in the western United States using a new method for mapping maximum extent of tidal wetlands

New Research to Analyze Geospatial Patterns and Species Impacts of Changing Ocean Chemistry on the West Coast

Casting a broader net: Using microfluidic metagenomics to capture aquatic biodiversity data from diverse taxonomic targets

Climate vulnerability assessment for Pacific salmon and steelhead in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem

Recent Ecosystem Disturbance in the Northern California Current

U.S. Pacific Marine Mammal Stock Assessments, 2018 (updated) - Summary Table 2018 Pacific (PDF, 3 pages)

Statewide Drought Response: Stressor Monitoring - SUMMARY REPORT • 2014-2017

Rivers That Depend on Aquifers: Drafting GMA Groundwater Plans with Fisheries in Mind

Study documents environmental impacts of Sausalito’s unregulated anchor-outs see study: Quantification of damage to eelgrass (Zostera marina) beds and evidence-based management strategies for boats anchoring in San Francisco Bay

Integrating genetic and demographic effects of connectivity on population stability: The case of hatchery trucking in salmon

The Sustainability Conundrum of Fishmeal Substitution by Plant Ingredients in Shrimp Feeds

NOAA Seeks to Improve Fish Passage through 2018 Program Review

Socioeconomic Guidance for Implementing the California Marine Life Management Act

Overcoming Impediments to Shellfish Aquaculture through Legal Research and Outreach

Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture in Federal Waters of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ): Agencies, Industry, and Academia Working Together on Compliance and Permitting Requirements

Lead Fishing Tackle: Impacts of California Wildlife and the Environment - Feb. 2019

Idaho Study Finds Catch-Release For Wild Steelhead Little Impact On Adult/Progeny Survival

Aquaculture does little to conserve wild fisheries, according to study

Disease epidemic and a marine heat wave are associated with the continental-scale collapse of a pivotal predator (Pycnopodia helianthoides)

Harvest, Hatchery Returns, and Straying of Salmon Released at Bay and Delta sites during California’s Drought

Response to Bay-Delta Science Paper on The Problems with Coleman Hatchery Salmon Straying

Integrated Diet Analyses Reveal Contrasting Trophic Niches for Wild and Hatchery Juvenile Chinook Salmon in a Large River Delta

How fast are the oceans warming?

Environmental DNA for the enumeration and management of Pacific salmon

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